Our Team

Danielle Keeling:  Danielle is our central hub and leader where her expertise in managerial functions and fiscal acumen generate a solid corporate foundation in which the staff and clients can rely.  Danielle is a detailed oriented person with a solid aptitude in administration and customer service. She uses her outstanding verbal and written communication skills to minimize many of the challenges that are a part of every business. She handles everything from bids and proposals to payroll and job costing. Danielle is also well involved in continued education and attends seminars pertaining the Landscape Business and holds certificates from the Irrigation Association and National Association of Landscape Professionals.Danielle holds a State of California Contractor’s License, is our CEO and guardian team member. 

Les Keeling:  Les supervises landscape design and construction on projects large and small. He has over 25 years of experience possessing proficiency in all aspects of landscaping and is an accomplished Irrigation Technician. His competence and outstanding leadership skills are evident in every project and his attention to detail and effective job supervision makes him the perfect leader for municipality and public oriented projects. His performance is consistent and of high quality making projects run on time and on budget. Like his other colleagues, safety regulations must be adhered to under his leadership. Les also attends many seminars, workshops, and classes in order to elevate his skill level and keep up to date on best practices and new standards. Les is out essential team member.

Ignacio Gutierrez: Gardens of all types is his passion as evident by his over 30 years in the industry and the complete respect of the customers he serves and that of his co-workers and crew members. Ignacio's competence and leadership skills is demonstrated on all of his projects regardless of size and scope. Ignacio is a Certified Irrigation Technician. He also handles all maintenance service contracts working diligently on scheduling, supervising, ordering, and providing whatever is needed to get the job done.  His attention to detail, knowledge, continued education and concern for safety regulations create a solid foundation in which we rely, which makes Ignacio our highly valued team member.

Dennis Solis:  Dennis is a major resource to the team with his 30 years of expertise in landscape design, plant identification, as well as, his extensive knowledge of horticulture and the whole nursery industry.  Dennis is our liaison between project managers and our clients allowing continuous communications ensuring that our clients are more than supported and know that the work will be completed to satisfaction.  He constructs estimates with an eye for specific elements and attention to budgetary constraints, as well as, on-going maintenance factors.  Dennis fits effectively as our associate team member.

Antonia Cazares:  Antonia is a great asset to the team with more than 15 years experience in Landscape Management. Her background in Architecture has given her good acceptance with clients due to her good taste for plants selection on a variety of different designs that range from Japanese, Mediterranean, French and Modern Gardens, Standard Residential and Commercial Installations, etc. She is also a Certified Landscape Technician and QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper). Antonia has amplitude knowledge and expertise in Clients Needs and Solutions. She can make recommendations to improve landscape areas and irrigation systems which makes Antonia our customer relations team member.

Luis Lozano:  As part of our Production Supervision team, Luis is a well trained Certified Irrigation Technician that ensures that the irrigation in the whole site runs at its best with the best and newest technology available. He supervises the crews tasks and ensure that they are well equipped to do their work at your satisfaction. Luis is also capable to perform irrigation systems checks and detect problems that will be brought to your attention for approval. He can also perform repairs onsite if needed due to his ample knowledge in irrigation systems. He will make recommendations that can reduce water waste. Luis is also responsible that crew maintenance tasks are accomplished under the best maintenance practices of safety. Luis is our effective safety team member.

Brianna Ramos:  is our Manager with her primary focus on HR and Safety issues. She has more than 15 years of Management, HR, Safety, OSHA and WC experience.  Her responsibilities range across the board from payroll to ensuring the company and all team members are in the know of HR and Safety “Best Practices”. She works with all members of the company to ensure all area policies, guidelines and requirements are functionable and met, working close with anyone who has questions or needs training. She is our resource for our HR/Safety questions and accountability which makes Brianna our champion team member.