Northern Landscape Management is a company formed by several co-workers that came together as a team with the desire to create a landscaping management company focused on two primary aspects; the customer and their exterior surroundings.

We would like to give a great impression of the company by designing and/or maintaining a beautiful landscaped environment. With over 130 years of combined experience; NLM can most certainly provide the benefit of excellent landscaping services.

One of the many challenges in our field today is water conservation and its environmental impact. Let us assure you that we address these items very conscientiously with constant attention to details and with educational opportunities to learn new methods of conserving water and with updated recycling processes. Just about everything NLM uses is recycled or re-used.

The NLM team acts and works as a cohesive unit where communication is paramount in scheduling and responding to customer needs.

We are here to serve you and your entire community by being the best landscape company you will ever need.